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Padsharing is a menstrual support network! We connect individuals in need with those who are ready to help!

A person in need submits their request for menstrual supplies through a form, and a donor places and pays for the order at the Rossmann online drugstore, which soon arrives at the drugstore chosen by someone in need.

By June 2022, thanks to the support of donors, 1143 orders have been fulfilled. In the first half of 2022 alone, menstrual products with a total value of over 20,000 PLN were purchased through Padsharing!


In November 2023, we decided to temporarily suspend the program for reconstruction - we thank everyone, especially donors, who supported us in fighting menstrual poverty through Padsharing for over 2 years.

We know that suspending Padsharing will directly affect individuals in need who use the program - we encourage you to use other forms of support provided by Akcja Menstruacja, such as Period Assistance Points, and to follow our social media, where we will keep you updated on our actions and progress in working on Padsharing 2.0.

Do you have any questions regarding Padsharing? Send an email to

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